What documentary proof will I be provided that I'm insured with the company under my corporate health insurance?

At policy inception of cover, a Health Card is issued to each insured employee with essential information about the employee and his dependants with benefits available to them.

What is the claim procedure in the case of a medical emergency?

The insured persons are allowed to go to any nearest hospital in case of emergencies (where the health condition of an employee changes suddenly which warrants immediate medical attention). But in all such cases they must inform the Company through their employer within 24 hours of such a happening together with the name of the hospital and the doctor.

What is the hospitalization procedure of availing health insurance at IGI's panel hospitals?

If advised hospitalization, the insured is authorized to use any of our network hospitals for treatment by simply presenting the IGI-Health Card a copy of which will be retained by the attending hospital and the necessary medical services will be extended to the insured patient. The insured patient will not be required to pay any bills to these network hospitals.

The hospitals run by the government (federal, provincial, municipal, district) and armed forces of Pakistan are approved by us for treatment. However, no credit arrangements exist at such hospitals and employees do not need to take our prior approval for using these hospitals. The employees will have to settle the bills at these hospitals and then seek reimbursement from us.

What is the hospitalization procedure of availing health insurance at IGI's non panel hospitals?

Hospitalization bills of a non-approved hospital will be reimbursed according to the rates/charges of an approved hospital in the same town/city.

Documents required would be:

  • Original bill receipts
  • Copies of lab reports (if performed)
  • Copy of discharge card along with a proper signed & stamped claim form
  • Professional Entertainers

What is the procedure of availing OPD treatment?

The insured must first pay the hospital expenses/consultant/doctor's fee/laboratory charges and cost of medicines on their own. Subsequently through your employer you need to submit these bills to IGI for reimbursement on periodical basis.

We in turn reimburse the amounts to the employer for disbursement to the insured persons; provided OPD cover is available through OPD benefits.

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